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Key aims for our production clients

It is of high importance to:

  • Provide agile IT support function that can handle the fluctuation in ‘requirements’ throughout the year as productions ramp-up and tail off.
  • Approach IT support with a ‘can do’ attitude, offering flexible and imaginative solutions to unique scenarios.
  • Be responsive to emails and calls, being able to implement changes with little notice.
  • Pay attention to security, crucially to protect company & production data including GDPR compliance and studio/streaming service requirements
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Infrastructure that can handle the most demanding project needs

Many of our Media Production customers are suited to using the cloud infrastructure, for day-to-day working to provide a dynamic working environment.  Intune have specialist skills in supporting Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Box & Dropbox.  We have extensive experience migrating clients from existing on-premise provisions or basic POP/IMAP services to the cloud.

Beyond the day-to-day production files, the media industry can generate huge amounts of data shooting in the highest resolutions.  The cuts and rushes are not suited for cloud storage due to their size.  Generally the working footage is handled by the edit suites, but many of our clients want to store some of the final production media for archive purposes for future reference.  This is where warm storage mediums like NAS/DAS storage systems can be used, or even good-old-fashioned LTO tape for cold storage.

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VOIP phone systems

Whilst many media companies are happy asking their staff to use their own mobile phones, often this leads to privacy and security concerns.  We provide VOIP phones to a number of our production companies allowing their staff to work globally whilst being connected to the company phone system.

Beyond the traditional desk phone, the VOIP provision allows staff to connect using wireless handsets, mobile phone applications and even headsets connected to their laptop/desktop.  The fully featured VOIP phone systems allow staff to work away from the office just as being on site.

We support both Apple & Windows environments so you can be confident our support will be familiar with your systems.

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Cutting Rooms/Edit Suites

We have setup a number of Edit Suites and Cutting Room facilities incorporating fibre optic cabling, segregated networks, secure working environments, CCTV and dedicated rack space management.  Reach out to us if you need assistance setting up your company edit facilities.

Contact us to discuss how your own company works and how we can support, streamline and secure your business.

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Speak to us today to find out how we can help with your business IT support & provision.

We offer several ways to provide Mac & Windows support including contracted services, pre-pay arrangements along with ad-hoc & emergency support.

Contact us to discuss your specific IT support needs and how we can support your business.

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